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Sway with the music….

Smile and act like nothing’s wrong Sway with the music and sing along Your heart is bereaking and you don’t belong here Anymore Ignore the ringing of the phone You wish they’d fucking leave you alone There isn’t another unturned stone here Anywhere I waited for an apology But you don’t owe a thing to me Fiction and Pharmacuticals Poetry and musicals World’s away from beautiful Only time will tell I disagree with every word you say Before you’ve even spoken, it’s gone away The sign is in your eyes and you haven’t said a word In days I waited for an apology But you don’t owe a thing to me BRIDGE You failed to see the worst in me But you still loved me for what you didn’t seeeeeee…….. Stereos and tangerines Dinosaurs and magazines Everything appears exactly as it is Or so it seems… Copyright Wendy Clark Hudson 2014 Tequila Mockingbird LLC All rights reserved.


Wendy Clark Band at the 2014 People’s Fair in Civic Center Park, Denver.

Ali talking on the phone again

Hail on the way to the stage stop in Rounsville Gig